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The Shiraz wine varietal is one of the most popular red wine varieties globally. It is bold and full-flavoured, making it an excellent choice for parties and other celebrations. As we slowly move towards the holiday season, take a look at some of the best kinds of this wine (including Clare Valley Shiraz) to try during that time.

2016 Malibu Coast Syrah

2016 Malibu Coast Syrah from AJA Vineyards is made from 100 percent Syrah grapes and has blackberry, candy, cherry, boysenberry, and blueberry elements. A subtle hint of cinnamon enhances the nose and savoury black pepper and bitter almond.

2017 Serafino Black Label Shiraz

Serafino’s 2017 Red Shiraz stands out among the other wines in its class. This blind tasting winner has a brilliant shade of purple, with rustic overtones of mocha and blueberry — the wine’s fruity, vanilla-tinged nose hints of a deep, dark finish. A smooth, red wine with a trace of oak, 2017 Serafino Red Shiraz successfully combines the textures and flavours of McLaren Vale’s most delicate flavour profiles.

Clare Valley Shiraz

Picked from the Stanley Flat region of the Clare Valley, the Calcannia Shiraz has a deep dark purple colour. The peaks of peppery hints are interwoven with ripe fruits, especially mulberries and plums. The tannins on the palate are well balanced, the fruitiness is apparent, and it has a rich spiciness that lingers for a long time on the finish.

Flavabom, Vine Dried Shiraz

Flavabom Vine Dried Shiraz is dark inky red with a magenta hue. Inhaling its fragrance produces the scent of ripe blackberries with a hint of vegemite. You can feel the notes of baked Christmas pudding and cinnamon spice when tasting it. The palate is soft and well-rounded; the flavours of rich dried fruit let out a warm feeling. Hints of sweet licorice straps appear.

Fox in the HenHouse Sparkling Shiraz 2016

Fox in the Henhouse Sparkling Shiraz has a dark, deep colour with a reddish tint. At first whiff, you'll find the scent of fresh blackberry preserves, dark strawberry and blackberry jam, and notes of butterscotch and menthol. Hints of chocolate and caraway seed follow the scent. 

On your initial taste, it is bright, smooth, and medium-bodied. Fruit flavours of blackberries, ripe plums, and cassis linger on your tongue. Flavours of chocolate, molasses, and caraway seed will also remain on your tongue.

Jack Harrison Shiraz

Jack Harrison Shiraz is handcrafted from premium Shiraz grapes to be an elegantly smooth, approachable red. The aroma has notes of rich plum, cassis and black cherry. The ratios of oak finesse create a French-style finish, showing hints of pepper and cloves. The palate has ripe black fruit flavours with an undercurrent of solid oak and a lush finish with generous tannin.

Jaraman Shiraz

The Jaraman variant is considered a McLaren Vale or Clare Valley Shiraz with a deep red colour. Its nose has aroma notes of red plum and cherry fruit, plus black olive and spice. By taste, it has flavours of red berry fruit and violet, along with oak characteristics of coffee beans and dark chocolate. 

The wine is balanced and has integrated tannins providing the palate with an intense and persistent length.

Serafino Goose Island Shiraz

The McLaren Vale region of Australia is home to the award-winning Serafino Goose Island Shiraz. It naturally has a bright red colour mixed with a purple hue. This Shiraz wine has lifted the nose with red berry fruits and spice, and it fills the mouth with dark plums and long-lingering fine, supple tannins.

Purchase a Clare Valley Shiraz for the Holidays

A Shiraz’s robust and full-bodied taste is perfect for a holiday gathering, especially when paired with a filling dinner of smokey meats, steaks, bacon, duck, potatoes, salads, and even kangaroo fillets, to name a few. Choose one of these varieties for a more exquisite dining experience with loved ones over the holidays.

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