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Good Wines are Made; 

Great Wines are Grown.

Our wine reflects the health and vitality of the soil and the vines. Our winemaker, Angus Wardlaw, invests his heart and soul into each harvest, tending by hand, allowing the fruit to define the wine. Millon Wines story begins with the vineyard and the harvest.

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The Impressionist

A Sensory Experience

Inspired by wanderlust, we re-imagined the wine tasting experience through stimulating the five senses, developing an experience that transports you to our South Australian vineyard.

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The Ultimate Guide To Shiraz

Whether the wine label says Shiraz or Syrah, it refers to the same grape variety (Vitis vinifera ‘Syrah’, if you want to be scientific) and can be used interchangeably. That being said, generally, the distinction between the two is a matter of regional expression and style.

Pinot Grigio vs Sauvignon Blanc

What is the difference between Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc? The Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc are known to have fresh and crisp qualities; however, both wines have a wide variety of styles that depend heavily on the climate and condition in which they are produced.

Best Wines For Your EOFY Party

It’s the end of the financial year and what better way to celebrate the business’s financial success than an office party! An EOFY party will create a positive, and fun environment where all employees can unwind, relax and relieve stress. So... it is time to get planning to execute the best EOFY office party that your team will always reminisce.


Artisan, boutique wine in Australia

Millon Wines is a family-owned South Australian winery. Drawing upon decades of collective experience, head winemaker Angus Wardlaw and the Millon team work hard to create award-winning boutique wines right here in gorgeous South Australia. AtMillon Wines, we believe in combining old-world knowledge, skill and experience with new-world technology and methodologies. After all, that’s what modern winemaking should be about — using tried and true techniques but complementing and improving them with cutting-edge science. When old meets new and is gently guided by a master hand, it results in a genuinely delicious drop.

Carefully selected grapes to match the unique Australian landscape

The grape varieties that we cultivate atMillon Wines have been deliberately selected for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, we want to ensure that the grapes we choose to grow suit the soil and weather conditions of ourSouth Australian winery and vineyards. With meticulous planning and careful consideration, we can ensure that we capitalise on the maximum potential of every vine and produce authentic and honest wines that are true representations of their geographic regions. 

The purest form of the grape

AtMillon Wines, we follow a minimalist, uncomplicated approach towinemaking. We take our cues from traditional methods and have a hands-on process that results in the production of signature and award-winningSouth Australian wines.Millon Wines are light, approachable and delicious on the palate — grown, not just made, to be enjoyed by everyone. 

We take great pride in our winemaking, and we believe that the dedication and passion of theMillon Wines’ team shine through in every single bottle. That’s how we operate as one of thebest wineries in South Australia.