South Australia Boutique Winery

Millon Wines is an authentic expression of South Australia’s oldest and most respected wine regions. Directly connected with the local environment, our wines are made with love in a way that brings forward the best characteristics of our carefully grown fruit.

We believe in innovation and authenticity at every stage of the winemaking process. Our wines are produced by passionate experts, people who love the country and are completely devoted to crafting fine wines of exceptional character and balance.




Our central philosophy is a ‘hands-on’ approach to winemaking, with sincere hard work in the winery and most importantly a respect for nature. We believe that quality wine is built through the health and vitality of the soils and vines from which they are born. Like everybody else, these grapes and their homes need constant care and attentive nurturing





Our vision for Millon Wines is embedded in everything we do. Our portfolio of wines demonstrates our success and commitment to our vision of building wine brands that deliver unbeatable value