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  • Nestled between the rolling hills of the Mount Lofty Ranges, Clare Valley is the home of Australian Riesling as well as a renowned producer of world-class Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Grenache. At Millon Wines, we’ve created an artisanal range of charming boutique wines that are made to share with friends and family.

    Clare Valley wines crafted to perfection

    Our Clare Valley wines are produced according to the philosophy that “good wine is made, but great wine is grown”. From the exquisite grapes we cultivate on our Clare Valley vineyards to our cutting-edge production methodologies, at Millon Wines we maintain an exceptional level of control from vine to bottle. By striking a balance between traditional winemaking methods and cutting-edge technologies, we can amplify the natural characteristics and flavour profile associated with each varietal. 

    Our Clare Valley wines are aged in vast oak barrels to soften their tannins, creating a quaffable full-bodied flavour profile and mouthfeel you’ll want to return to again and again. Whether you’re a long-time connoisseur or are looking to expand your palette, a glass of quality wine from the Clare Valley shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions but enjoyed casually with friends and family or paired with a delectable meal.

    Capturing flavours from the vine to the bottle

    A warm Mediterranean-like climate and rich fertile soils lend Clare Valley wineries the optimum conditions to yield grapes with deep colours, bold flavours and silky finishes. You can find a wide range of wines to sample sumptuous varietals with notes of light and dark fruits, spices, tannins and more. Our range of Clare Valley wines include:

    Riesling — With both dry and sweet varieties, our Clare Valley winery produces Riesling with a zesty, crisp taste that is simply bubbling with fruity flavours for you to enjoy. 

    Cabernet Sauvignon — A firm favourite of Clare Valley vineyards, our Cabernet Sauvignon boasts pronounced notes of dark fruits, cassis and lingering tannins that will coat your mouth.

    Rosé — If summer could be bottled, it would taste like our Clare Valley Rosé. Made from 100% Grenache, it’s loaded with fruits, florals and citrus notes, making it ideal for sipping by the beach or a slow afternoon barbeque. 

    Shiraz — When you’re looking for something more soulful, our Shiraz is the perfect option from our Clare Valley cellar door. With a bold palette of pepper, dark fruits and earthy notes, it is the ideal accompaniment for a meal and meaningful conversation.

    Grenache — With a fruity body and notes of pepper and spices, Grenache is a sweet red wine that pairs beautifully with grilled and stewed meats, hearty vegetable dishes and convivial afternoons spent with friends. Sweet and light, it’s an accessible entry tipple for people who usually shy away from tannin-rich red wines.  

    Enjoy wines from the best wineries in the Clare Valley and Australia

    At Millon Wines, we proudly own and operate three wineries across Clare Valley, Eden Valley, and Barossa Valley, where we create crisp Sauvignon Blanc, smooth Merlot, and a host of red and white wines that satisfy any preference. 

    If you’re looking for the ultimate indulgence, our small-batch artisanal Clare Valley wines are perfect for special occasions. Purchase a single bottle of your choice or order a carton of six or 12 bottles to secure your own collection of a particular vintage. Have a question? Don’t hesitate to reach out, a member of our team will be happy to help.


    Clare Valley wineries are prized for their Riesling wines, which are among the best in Australia. The region also produces a spectacular range of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Grenache. Clare Valley wines are known for their intense flavour and beautiful aromatics.

    While Clare Valley Riesling is thought of as a sweet wine, in reality, it can range from dry to sweet. The sweetness level will depend on the grapes and terroir, the winemaking process, and the individual style of each producer. Rieslings typically have a higher acidity than other wine styles, giving them a crisp, fresh taste suited to warm-weather sipping.

    The Clare Valley is located in South Australia and is known for its Mediterranean-style climate, with hot summers and mild winters. Clare Valley wineries enjoy some of the best weather conditions to produce quality wines, with fertile, rich soils that yield grapes with deep colours and bold flavours.

    The Clare Valley is located about 100 kilometres north of Adelaide, and is one of Australia’s oldest and most prestigious wine regions. Just a 90-minute drive from the state’s cosmopolitan coastal capital, it’s ideally placed for a long weekend, since there is so much choice when it comes to exploring the best cellar doors in the Clare Valley.