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    Sensoriam is a curation of the world’s most exquisite natural perfumes, essential oils, candles, and room sprays. All their perfumes are incredibly luxurious; beautifully crafted and artisanal in approach. Free of all synthetic chemicals and harmful toxins.

    The Somewhere Co.

    Since 2020 The Somewhere Co. has been elevating lunch breaks and boujee picnics alike. The Somewhere Co. brings the fun to functional products. Designed with quality and style in mind.

    Boobyful aid

    Boobyful Aid believes that every girl should feel confident in their own body at every stage of their life. Their goal is to empower women to flaunt their bodies in their own unique way!

    Skyncare Routine

    Skyncare routine seeks to capture the sense of community we get when we feel understood and can relate to others going through similar challenges. Our Rose 'Heartbreak' Oil is a body oil that gives a tangible form to this feeling. Design a personalised skyncare routine that you look forward to, with the knowledge that many others around the world are doing the same.

    Grand Cru

    Grand Cru believes that "exceptional wine deserves an exceptional wine fridge". Offering premium ranges of wine fridges, Grand Cru believes it is worth the investment to ensure your wine is always ready at the ideal drinking temperature.