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Wine from different parts and regions taste different. Some may prefer Asian wine over European wine, while others may have a taste for wines made in the vineyards in Canada. Regardless of your taste in wine, it cannot be denied that one of the best and most underrated wines comes from Australia.

If you have never had Australian wine before, you are missing out. Below are some of the top reasons that make Australian wine amazing.

1. They Are Versatile

Almost all Australian wines are versatile. With this, you need not be afraid to experiment with it. Most of them have an outstanding balance of acidity and tannin that makes the wines great when paired with both meat and fish.

You can also try Australian wine with green vegetables, desserts and even cheese. There are very few things that Australian wine cannot be paired with.

2. Australia Boasts of Some of the Oldest Vines Globally

One of the primary reasons Australia has some of the best wines is that most of their vineyards are in suitable locations, with the right climate. Some vineyards grow their grapes and make wine in their specific regions for generations. This is why a majority of their wine is naturally aged.

Natural or un-modified wine is better because the manufacturers do not manipulate them. Also, they can taste better at the source, which is what they want. The wines tend to lose their flavour after they get to the market.

3. Australian Wine Is Affordable

Usually, we associate wines from Australia with a wide range of prices. However, most Australian wines are affordable. Depending on the region and the fact that most of these wines are un-modified, you will find great wines at pocket-friendly prices.

4. Their Wine Is Not Complicated

Regardless of whether you are looking at their tasting notes, you will find that most Australian wines come with a simple message on their labels, “A delicious expression of the natural fruit of the region.”

Their wine is not complicated because it has grown from the same grape varieties on the same soil for many years. The same types of wines have been made for generations in the same areas. This is why most of their wines do not need to be manipulated, which most of the other wines have to do to have a great taste.

5. Australian Winemakers Have No Regulations

Australian winemakers have no regulations to follow. This means that they are free to make wine in any way they want. For instance, they can choose to harvest the grapes at a good time without considering if it is natural for the grapes to be ready. They also can select their taste and style, which allows them to make wine the way they want.

6. Most of Their Wine Growers Are Family Owned

Australian wine growers are mostly family-owned. This means that the quality of their wine is always guaranteed. Their wines are not prepared in a large factory, so there is less chance of something going wrong. The winemakers in Australia are also aware that their reputation is on the line, which means you are guaranteed the best Australian wine.


If you are looking for an Australian wine to try, you would be happy to know that there are many different types to choose from. The wines from Australia are affordable, versatile and most of them are family-owned.

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