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  • Well known for its gorgeous landscapes and fruitful soil, Eden Valley in the Barossa region is home to many of our most popular wines. As an incredibly fertile area, Eden Valley wineries are able to produce a wide variety of delicious and bold flavours, ranging from light and summery Chardonnay to earthy and full-bodied Merlot.

    Known as an award-winning Australian-owned winery, Millon Wines is proud to source some of our bestselling wines from Eden Valley. Always made from the best possible ingredients grown in the perfectly cool climate of the region, you can taste the difference that the produce grown in this picturesque and fertile landscape makes in our selection of Eden Valley Riesling and Shiraz.

    Flavourful wine created in the heart of Eden Valley

    As a popular location for wine tours and excursions, many people know the Eden Valley as a go-to place for wines that represent the classic flavours of the lush Australian wildness. Described as a cold-climate region, our vineyards in the Eden Valley can sustainably grow quality grapes throughout the year, making this area one of the country’s most sought after winery regions. Whether you prefer a fruit-forward white wine or love the dark and tart taste of red wine, our selection of Eden Valley wines from Millon Wines is sure to have something you will love.

    Explore our entire Eden Valley collection today

    If you’re looking to enjoy the deep and aromatic flavours of Australia, look no further than our collection of Eden Valley wines. Our family-owned vineyards located in the fertile lands of Clare Valley, Eden Valley and Barbossa Valley are known for creating complex and bold wines that are sure to become your new go-to favourite. Always made in small batches to ensure quality and deep flavour, all of our most popular Eden Valley wines are designed to offer an easy-drinking experience perfect for any occasion.

    Available for purchase through our online store, finding quality Australian-made wine has never been easier. Explore our entire collection online today and enjoy hassle-free delivery of your favourite wines directly to your doorstep. For more information about our winemaking process or additional help with your online order, please feel free to reach out to our friendly team.


    Located in the lush wine country of South Australia, Eden Valley is one of Australia’s best wine-producing regions. Due to the temperate climate and ample rainfall, Eden wineries are able to grow high-quality grapes that are then turned into wine that captures the authentic taste of Australia.

    Thanks to the fertile lands native to Eden Valley, the region is known for producing a variety of delicious wine varieties. As a proud owner of vineyards in the area, Millon Wines offers a diverse selection of Eden Valley Riesling, Shiraz, Chardonnay, Tempranillo, and more available for purchase through our online store.

    As a family-owned Australian business, our team at Millon Wines is committed to helping our customers find wines perfect for sharing on any occasion. Always made from fresh Australian grapes, we are positive that you and your friends will love the bold and full-body flavours that our Eden Valley wines provide.