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  • Fresh Truffle Pasta Recipe

    2 min read

    Fresh Truffle Pasta Recipe - Millon Wines



    • 160g Caputo ‘00’ flour

    • 80 g of Caputo semolina flour

    • 3 eggs (or 120g water)

    • ½ tsp EVOO

    • Salt

    • Fresh black truffle


    • 2 garlic clove (minced)

    • Roughly 1 cup Fresh cream

    • Salt & pepper

    • Pasta water

    • Fresh truffle



    1. On a clean bench, place your flour & salt, then make a well in the centre

    egg, flour, dough, pasta

    2. Add in your beaten eggs or water, and slowly mix the flour into the liquid until a shaggy ball is formed and then knead until a smooth ball is formed.

    pasta dough

    3. Sprinkle in your freshly grated truffle and knead in. 

    truffle pasta, truffle dough

    4. Cover and rest your dough for 30min to 1hour

    5. Roll your dough out with a rolling pin or pasta roller till about 1.5mm thick

    Truffle pasta, truffle dough, pasta dough

    6. Cut the dough to your desired width, cover and set aside

    Pasta dough, truffle, truffle dough, truffle pasta

    7. Boil a pot of water with a good amount of salt

    8. Warm up a fry pan

    9. Add your pasta into the water

    10. While the past cooks (2min) add in oil and garlic to your fry pan, sauté then add in your cream, let it thicken a bit (now it’s the 2 min mark, add in your Al dente pasta, some pasta water, salt & pepper to taste, then cook for  another min (the sauce should thicken).

    truffle pasta, recipe, pasta

    11. Serve with some freshly grated parmasan and truffle on top and enjoy!

    truffle pasta, pasta recipe, fresh truffle   truffle pasta, pasta recipe, fresh truffle


    Wine Pairing

    We recommend pairing the Fresh Truffle Pasta with our award-winning 2021 Impressionist Pinot Noir.

    This well-balanced, lighter-bodied wine is complex on the palate with earthy tones that are a perfect match to the nutty and oaky notes of the black truffle. 


     Meet the Chef!

    Meet our beautiful chef, Amy Edstein! Amy is the recipe and content creator from Feeding the Edstein's. Amy is a Sydney-based mum who loves to cook what she craves and share her love for food. You’ll find her sharing her daily cooking adventures on social media, with plenty of tips and tricks along the way to get you inspired. If she’s not cooking up a 3-course meal that’ll make your mouth water, you’ll definitely find her dining out at the best local food spots. Be sure to check out her stories and give her follow on Instagram @feedingtheedsteins. Don’t be afraid to drop her a DM or just say hi. 

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