Our Brands
Built on Passion and Vision

We take pride in producing award-winning, quality wine for all occasions. Whether it’s a special event or everyday life, we have the wine for you. Here are just a few of Millons brands:


The Royal

Our passion and dedication to heritage winemaking traditions have influenced the crafting of these exceptional wines. As noble representations of their individual regions and vineyards, these refined wines offer sophistication and prestige to any palate. This is Australian winemaking at its best. The Royal wines are well suited to times of indulgence, with an understated air of style and sophistication leading to pure drinking pleasure. This combination is truly fit for Royalty.

The Rows

The Rows range pays tribute to the origin story and birthplace of the grapes used to craft them. We believe it’s important that our wines capture an essence of ‘place’, with each vintage representative of the ‘terroir’ of each region and vineyard. We're exceptionally proud of the hard work and passion that goes into making these wines, both in the winery and in the vineyards where everything begins. The Roots number represents the specific vineyard rows where these wines were conceived, with each collection a cycle that represents the end of one variety and the start of another

Clares Secret.png

The Clare’s Secret

With its warm days and cool nights, our Armagh vineyard in Clare Valley is perfectly suited to producing outstanding wines of high quality, intense flavour and with a distinct character. The Clare’s Secret range has been created to appeal to a broad range of wine consumers capitalising on the varietal strengths of the region. The wines are packaged with an eye-catching thermometric ink label, sensitive to temperature to arose consumer curiosity. You will enjoy discovering Clare’s Secret.


The Impressionist

The Impressionist range comes from our estate in Eden Valley, Barossa, wiht late ripening, high rainfall and elevation of 500 metres above sea level. This vineyard is ideal for white varieties and produces reds of great elegance and poise when compared to the valley floor.

The wines are produced to over-deliver, with a high quality-to-price ratio. The wines are approachable and easy drinking in style, all from single vineyard and they are sure to impress and inspire.


Flamingo Moscato

The word ‘Flamingo’ comes from the Spanish Flamengo and is said to mean “with the colour of flame” Pink in colour, just like the birds themselves, our Flamingo Moscato, with its lightly sparkling ‘frizzante’ style and lifted aromatic notes is refreshingly crisp and vibrant.

This quirky and playful yet delightfully balanced sparkling Moscato crafted from fresh and fragrant fruit from the scenic Eden Valley is the perfect accompaniment to a wide range of occasions, whether it be a summertime barbeque with friends and family, an epic rooftop party to celebrate a win or simply a relaxing tipple after a long day at work.