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Tempranillo may be the upcoming red for Aussie drinkers, with its punchy fruit and spicy flavours. Tempranillo is a new varietal in Australia, with its first planting in 1994. However, the variety has been around for over 2000 years, originating in Spain.

So, watch out shiraz, there is a newcomer in town. Let’s compare both wines and see if Tempranillo can beat the Aussie legend.

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millon impressionist tempranillo

The name, pronounced Temp-rah-nee-yo, comes from the Spanish word temprana (meaning ‘early’), relating to the varietals early ripening. Regarded as the noble grape variety in Spain, these grapes have slightly thicker skins compared to other varietals. This creates wines with a smoother finish and complex flavours. Not only is this wine attractive in colour, the dark berry flavours with hints of vanilla, spice and everything nice, will bring an extra flare to your evening’s plans. The exotic varietal pairs perfectly with Spanish style dishes (surprise surprise). So, anyone who loves chorizo or paella, pour yourself a glass as your meal calls for some fun company.

If you’re planning a tapas party or want a night of fiery passion, Tempranillo outshines shiraz.


Millon reserve shiraz

Pronounced as sheer-as, the shiraz varietal currently dominates the Aussie wine scene and is the most planted varietal. Loved for its bold flavours and easy drinking nature, the warm climate wine is a fine representation of Australians outstanding winemaking. Shiraz grapes thrive in South Australia, resulting in wines with fuller and richer flavours. Wine drinkers who prefer medium bodied wines with dark berry flavours, should drink shiraz! With its great cellaring potential and food friendliness, it hard to say no to a glass.

If you want to play it safe, a glass of Aussie shiraz will always satisfy the palate. However, I say be bold and try something new. You never know, you might find a delicious discovery that has been waiting to be uncovered.

To start your journey we recommend our Impressionist Tempranillo, as it tastes like summer elegance in a glass.

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Try our award-winning Impressionist Tempranillo and Impressionist Shiraz, and see if you can tell the difference.