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The end of October is almost here, which means Halloween parties are coming soon. Halloween is not just for kids; adults can enjoy the spooks and treats as well. Instead of sour worms, enjoy a glass of Moscato for that sweet taste or make Halloween a time for fabulous red wine.

For those hosting or attending an adult-only Halloween party, why not give your wines a creepy tweak. Wines add a touch of elegance or help encourage your party-goers to hit the dance floor. So, if you’re serving wine at your party, we’ve created a wine and candy pairing list and a themed cocktail to make your Halloween occasion one to remember.

Wine & lolly pairings

For a light red like Pinot Noir, the soft tannic flavours of the wine pair perfectly with semi-sweet dark chocolate. We recommend dark chocolate maltesers with our Impressionist Pinot Noir

 A deeper red, like Shiraz or Tempranillo goes perfectly with a nutty chocolate. The fruity and peppery flavours pair well with the saltiness of nuts. I recommend our Estate Shiraz  and snickers, to really enhance the silky tannins.

If you prefer a sweeter, frizzante style wine, our Flamingo Moscato is like a Halloween treat. We recommend pairing with nerd lollies, to bring out the berry flavours of the Moscato.

Dry white wines like Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio, with lighter flavours and higher acidity, suit sweet lollies. We recommend pairing our Impressionist Sauvignon Blanc with skittles, as the crisp acidity from the wine will balance the sweet flavours.

Spooky Sangria

If you love wine, why not serve a Halloween themed wine cocktail to your guests. Here is a spooky sangria recipe. All you need is a bottle of Pinot Noir, lemonade, orange juice and fruits.

  1. In a large pitcher combine a bottle of red wine and a cup of orange juice
  2. Then stir in all your favourite fruits. I recommend blackberries and sliced apples for a more sinister look.
  3. Let the drink refrigerate for two hours, then top off with lemonade to serve.

Just a recommendation, if you’re planning a night filled with jump scares, avoid carpets to stop unwanted red wine carpet spills.

Happy Halloween from the Millon Team x