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As the weather grows warmer, our thoughts often turn to a refreshing, crisp, cold glass of white wine. But which variety? Sometimes the myriad choices can leave you feeling bewildered.

Let’s discuss just two excellent varieties that fit the bill admirably when it comes to fresh, crisp, and delicious.


A white grape variety originating from the Rhine valley in Germany in the 15th century. Now grown in many parts of the world, Australia has some world-class cool climate Riesling regions, including Clare and Eden Valleys in South Australia, Tamar Valley in Tasmania, and Great Southern in West Australia.

Riesling is a variety which shows very different characteristics depending on where it is grown, what soil it is grown in, and prevailing weather conditions. Australian Rieslings are known for citrus notes, particularly the hint of lime which is characteristic of Clare and Eden Valley Rieslings.

The Impressionist Riesling from our Eden Valley vineyard has delicate aromas of citrus fruits and a hint of lavender. The palate displays the same citrus fruits, accompanied by cut apples and pears. 

Our Clare’s Secret Riesling from the Clare Valley displays lifted floral and signature citrus aromas, with crisp natural acidity, citrus and stone fruit flavours and an enticing, textural minerality. 

The high acidity and lime notes of Riesling make it very refreshing and bright on the palate, just perfect for a warm evening. Pair it with some fresh oysters – what could be more delightful!  

Pinot Gris/Grigio

pinot gris, white wine bottle pouring

A white grape variety originating in Burgundy, France, from around the Middle Ages. Called Pinot Gris in France, (gris meaning “grey” in French), it is thought to be a mutant clone of the Pinot Noir grape. The grape bunches themselves have a grey-ish blue fruit, accounting for the name. Grigio is the Italian word for “grey”, denoting not just its spread from France to Italy, but also the different style the Italian winemakers produced – a lighter-bodied, higher acidity, fresh and zesty style.

Pinot Grigios can display floral aromas of honeysuckle and citrus flowers, speaking to us of springtime. On the palate, you can often find lemon-lime, pear, green apple, and honey. The lean and zippy Pinot Grigio style lends itself well to many food pairings, especially fish and shellfish, and semi-soft to firm cheeses, such as gruyere, mozzarella, and washed rinds.

The Impressionist Pinot Grigio from our Eden Valley vineyard offers a floral nose with hints of nashi pear, lychee, and honey. The palate is bright and juicy displaying stone fruits and lime juice, finishing with refreshing acidity. 

Cold glass of Pinot Grigio with a pre-dinner cheese platter on the balcony, anyone?