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Wine connoisseurs have years and years of experience when it comes to picking out a good bottle, much so that they can do it in a manner of minutes against a huge wine rack. Tell them to choose the best, and no questions asked; they will pick it out and hand it to you without making any mistakes.

That being said, not everyone has the experience that enthusiasts have, much so that picking a great bottle would seem close to impossible, especially to those with an uninitiated tongue and nose.

Luckily, we have listed a couple of tips below that may help you pick a good bottle of wine, tips that can help out even beginners like you.

1. Know Your Wine Types

This may seem like a very simple task, but most people tend to forget this when they head to the wine aisle. They seldom know the different wine types, much less their characteristics and what they are.

Before picking up a bottle and having it checked out, you need to have a good idea of what kind of wine you need: the type, the description, and the country of origin. This, however, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to learn every type there is; just learn the basics, and you’re good to go.

2. Keep Your Eye on the Price

When it comes to wine, the price is one of the key factors when picking a bottle. Price is a major factor when it comes to picking a wine, much so that it can be more than enough reason to buy a whole bottle alone.

If you want to buy a good bottle of wine, you have to learn how to pick one not based on its brand name but based on its price. Nowadays, the market is flooded with wine brands; for a beginner, it’s hard to spot the good ones from the bad.

Most winemakers have their own brands, but only some of them have the quality that matches their price tag. You have to take a look at the wine label, do your own research and try to see whether or not the price is worth it.

3. Take a Look at the Flavour

The flavour is one of the most important features when it comes to picking a good bottle of wine. Have you ever bought a bottle only to realize that you don’t really like how it tastes?

Of course, sometimes you’d be forced to buy a bottle that you don’t really like the flavour of, but you don’t want to have this experience too often. To save yourself from such problems, take a look at the flavour of the wine.

When purchasing a bottle of wine, take a small sip while you are still in the store. You have to be careful because you have to be sure that you don’t drink that much because you don’t want to get drunk or do something you may regret the next day.

4. Look at the Label

The label of a wine bottle is very important for a consumer, and it can help them choose a great wine. The label may tell a lot about the bottle and its contents, a lot more than most people are aware of.

If you want to pick a good bottle of wine, don’t forget to check the label. If you see any contradictory values between the label and the actual wine, then you know you’ve got a bad one up your sleeve.


There are many factors that come into play when picking a bottle of wine. It’s important to have a good wine glass and to have a taste of it before actually buying, but then again, that is still not enough.

Take a look at the label, the country of origin and its price, and you will be able to pick a great wine. Don’t forget to do your research on the type of wine that you want to buy, and you will never be lost amongst the countless racks of wines for sale.

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