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It’s the end of the financial year and what better way to celebrate the business’s financial success than an office party! An EOFY party will create a positive, and fun environment where all employees can unwind, relax and relieve stress. So... it is time to get planning to execute the best EOFY office party that your team will always reminisce.

There is no good office party without the perfect wines that satisfy everyone’s palates as well as complement the party food. Don’t worry! We are here to help you on your search for wines with a beginner's guide on the perfect wines for any office party.

What variety of wines should be at an office party?

Firstly, you must ensure that there is a diverse range of wines to satisfy everyone’s differing tastes. Reds, whites as well as a sparkling will undoubtedly give everyone something to drink at the office party. The next step is to identify which variety of red, white and sparkling wine will be most suitable.

Picking the right Red Wines:

To further meet everyone’s different palates, we recommend offering 2-3 different bodied styles of red wines:

  • Light-bodied red wine: Pinot Noir is a well-balanced lighter-bodied wine with notes of red fruit and cherries underscored by herbal and savoury elements. Our Impressionist Pinot Noir is the perfect wine for guests to pair with main course meals of roast chicken, pasta or even salmon.
  • Medium-bodied red wine: Grenache is an elegant wine with layers of red fruit, plums, and spice characterised by smooth tannins. With complex spicy undertones, our Clare’s secret Grenache perfectly complements barbecues and meaty dishes.
  • Full-Bodied red wine: one of the most popular of red wines, Cabernet Sauvignon is a must-have for your office party. With pronounced black cherries, mulberries, and a hint of star anise, our Estate Cabernet Sauvignon is a great wine to pair with burgers, steaks and cheeses. Barossa, South Australia produces great full-bodied red wines. One of the best Barossa wines is a Shiraz with flavours of fresh red berries, spice and mocha. Try our Estate Shiraz or Reserve Shiraz from Barossa which is set to impress your team’s taste buds!
Millon Wines Reserve Shiraz from Barossa

Picking the right White wines:

Everyone’s preference of white wines differs with some preferring more acidic whites and some more creamy. We recommend offering at least 2 different varieties of white wines according to their tasting notes.

  • Dry, acidic, citrus and floral white wines: A Riesling wine can display flavours and aromas of citrus fruits, green apples and a hint of lavender. Rieslings that are produced in Clare Valley, South Australia are boasted as one of the world’s best due to the cooler climate and soil conditions of the vineyard. Impress your team with one of the best Clare Valley wines; the Clare’s Secret Riesling, at a price that meets the budget. This wine is known for its high acidity which cuts through the creaminess of cheese – the perfect accompaniment for the charcuterie board!
  • Creamy, sweet, oaky, dry white wines: Chardonnay can exhibit notes of Creamy lychee and pear, complemented by toasty undertones. This wine drinks well with meaty fish as well as shellfish such as prawns. Try our Estate Chardonnay which uses only the best free-run juice from our Eden Valley vineyard in South Australia.
Millon Wines Impressionist white wine pouring into glass

Picking the right sparkling wine:

Popping a bottle of sparkling wine is a great way to kick-start the positive vibes in your EOFY office party! With a diverse range of red and white wines, we also recommend meeting the tasting preferences of those who may prefer a sweeter wine such as Moscato. The perfect combination of Moscato and Sparkling wine can be found in the Flamingo Moscato. With Lightly structured with tropical notes of guava and honeysuckle, this is perfect for beginner wine drinkers as well as the younger ones in the office.

Millon Wines Flamingo Moscato and playing cards

What wine to BRING to an office party?

When in doubt, you can never go wrong with wine classics such as our Estate Shiraz or our Estate Chardonnay. These are popular wines that are versatile with any occasion whether the party be formal or casual. With office party food such as pizza, barbecues and cakes, these wines will definitely be a tasty accompaniment.