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Are you fond of drinking wine? Perhaps you'd like to try merlot. Famous for its soft, sensual texture and smooth finish, merlot is a fine wine. It’s a popular alcoholic drink in many countries around the globe, mainly in Europe. 

In this article, we’ll discuss what you need to know about this world-famous liquor.

What Is Merlot, and How Does It Taste?

Merlot is a type of red wine—its colour ranges from ruby red to dark purple. The grapes used in this wine are dark blue-skinned and can adapt to various climates, earning them the nickname "chameleons."

Because Merlot is a dry, full-bodied, aged wine, its taste may be similar to that of Cabernet. However, it is a bit less powerful and contains subtle fruity notes. But remember, the taste may vary from region to region, and an experienced wine taster can determine the area from which the wine companies made it. 

For instance, Merlots produced in France have a dry flavour quite different from those made in Australia, which is known to have a sweet taste. Merlots produced in Germany are generally described as having a bright and aromatic flavour, while those made in the United States have a light, soft fruity taste.

The Alcohol Content of Merlot

The alcohol content in Merlot wine can differ depending on where the grapes are grown and how ripe they are. For example, an over-ripe grape is likely to contain less alcohol than a fresh grape.

The same case applies to where it was manufactured. An American Merlot typically has an alcohol content of 12%. However, a European Merlot's alcohol content may range from 12% to 14%. Because of this, many wine connoisseurs believe that French, Australian, and German Merlots are of better quality.

How to Serve Merlot

Like other red wines, Merlot must be in an ideal temperature range. Although one can serve it at room temperature, the method is outdated and would only result in a "flat" taste and the wine's deterioration.

For this reason, it's better to store Merlot in your refrigerator for two to three hours before serving. Make sure that the temperature is at least 10°C. Once you take it out, pour the wine into a decanter. Once it reaches the ideal temperature (15–18°C), serve it in a sommelier glass and let it breathe for a few minutes.

Foods to Pair with Merlot

Because of its versatility, wine companies advise many to pair merlot with various dishes. For example, you can enjoy a piece of red meat with your merlot and savour the experience.

You can also pair merlot with cheese, including the famed French cheese Brie. However, it is not advisable to pair it with pizza because it’s oily, which can dilute the taste of the wine.

In any case, whether you pair it with sirloin, a slice of cheese, or something else, ensure that the flavours complement each other.

Final Thoughts

Winemakers have worked long and hard to produce merlot and gained worldwide recognition. Merlot is now a favourite among wine lovers because of its distinct taste. It is a relaxing drink, and when served with a delicious meal, merlot can be sweet.

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