How to select the right wine glass?

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different wine glasses

Have you ever wondered why wines are served in certain glasses? Well, having the right vessel can really maximise the flavours. Each type of wine has specific characteristics like acidity, fruit expression, tannins, and alcohol, which can be enhanced or minimised with the right shaped glass.

So, let us help you impress your guests at your next dinner party. It's time to level up with some expert wine glass knowledge and achieve the best drinking experience.

Let's get started and match the grape with the shape.

Red wines are best served in a larger bowled glass with a large opening. The opening allows for more oxygen to make contact with the wine, softening the tannins and bringing out the complex flavours.

For lighter wines like our Impressionist Pinot Noir, a burgundy glass is the ideal glassware. The large bowl with a narrow top, allows you to taste flavour nuances.


For a richer red like our Estate Shiraz, a Bordeaux glass suits well. The broad bowl and height of the glass soften the tannins, minimising the bitterness of the wine.

White wines are best served in glassware that keep the wine at a cool temperature. Glasses with a U shape and slightly smaller bowl help maintain the wine's temperature and preserve the aromas. A glass with a stem ensures your hand will not heat up the glass or the wine.

A viognier wine glass perfectly suits our floral and fruity Impressionist Sav Blanc or The Rows Riesling, allowing you to taste the acidity of the wine and capture the pure fruit flavours of our delicate wines.


Our younger Clare's Secret Rosé is best served in a flared lip rose glass. The flared lip directs the wine to the tip of the tongue, enhancing the sweetness of our crisp rose.


For our frizzante style Flamingo Moscato, a narrow bowl flute will help preserve the bubbles and the berry flavours. A long narrow stem stops your hand from warming up the wine.

So, start your own wine glass collection and bring sophistication to your next gathering. The person everyone wants to know has the best wine and glass collection. Explore Riedel’s glassware ranges, that match beautifully with our wines.

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