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Our Favourite Takeaways during Sydney’s Lockdown

2 min read

take away

Once again lockdown has been extended in greater Sydney and doesn’t appear to be ending any time soon. Lucky for us Sydney’s takeaway scene is strong, bringing month-watering dishes to be enjoyed in the safety of our own homes. So why not make the best of lockdown by supporting local businesses, whilst enjoying top-notch food and wine.

Taste-tested by the Millon team, we have done the work for you, creating a top tier list of our favourite food takeaways, to pair with our wine.


Stir Crazy Thai -Kirribilli

Offering a unique Thai-inspired menu, the perfect takeaway to enjoy a bit of spice at a reasonable price. We recommend ordering the chicken pad see ew matched with ourClare’s Secret Riesling, for the perfect night in experience. Available for pickup and delivery.


Butter - Surry Hills

At Millon we love our fried chicken, crowning Butter as our personal favourite fried chicken spot. The menu infuses Asian flavours, creating a new spin on the American classic recipe. We recommend ordering the OG burger, paired withThe Impressionist 2017 Chardonnay, to create the best cheat day meal.


Sushi + More - Waterloo

A charming, cheap eat, offering classic Japanese options from the comfort of your couch. Sashimi is a meal that is difficult to make at home, so we recommend the special sashimi deluxe meal, matched with our Impressionist 2021 Riesling, to share with your house bubble.


Italian Bowl - Newtown

Nothing beats a warm bowl of pasta to beat the winter blues. A traditional Italian restaurant, catering to your carb-filled desire, offering flexible, make your own dishes. We recommend the seafood risotto, paired with ourImpressionist 2021 Pinot grigio, for a romantic candle-lit dinner date on zoom.  

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