At Millon Wines, we embrace change, always aiming to leave lasting impressions. Our team love creating new and exciting experiences for our customers. The past 12 months, each member of the Millon Team have been working hard to develop and create better experiences for our customers. We are excited to introduce a vibrant, new look that captures the essence of our brands story, personality, and philosophy. Everything grows over time; as the grapes mature, we evolve.

We are excited to announce the re-branding of Millon Wines, featuring new products and designs.The changes reflect the hard work and long hours invested by our team to understand customer needs and provide better services. Our creative team have developed, planned and designed the new initiative to bring a fresh, contemporary look to Millon Wines.

Millon Wines are committed to creating iconic and more meaningful experiences for all wine lovers. We continue to produce premium wines that are connected to the soil, painting a picture of South Australia and the scenic vineyards from where the grapes are grown.

We invite you all to join us on our journey and celebrate the next chapter of Millon Wines.


What are the changes?





The new logo introduces a new, contemporary look showcasing the personality of Millon Wines. While the concept of the logo nods to our history, the curvatures in the design reflect dynamic and versatile topographies of the land where our vineyards are planted. We have redesigned our logo to be better suited for a more digital audience. The bolder, more distinct strokes also provide better consumer recognition.



The major changes to our website involve new beautiful visual landscapes and captivating stories about our journey, providing a more transparent look into our history. Aiming to create an optimised platform that delivers relevant information to our customers, improving online experiences without comprising our aesthetic. During the website redesign, we have incorporated our new colour palette that is inspired by the climate, soil and vineyards, reflecting the beauty of Southern Australia


Impressionist Range

We have also made physical changes to some of our products, along with changes to the intangible elements within our branding and our online presence.

Our popular Impressionist range is now packaged with a beautiful new label. The packaging is inspired by the natural beauty and light of South Australia, bringing a piece of the vineyard to you. 


Estate Range

Along with the redesign of the Impressionist Range, we are excited to announce the launch of our new range, "The Estate".

This range celebrates the skills of our passionate team and beautiful harvests from our vineyard. The Estate range is a fine expression of the region, transporting you to the rolling hills of Eden Valley, Barossa. 


Flamingo Moscato

Last but not least, during the summer of 2021, we will be launching our new Flamingo Moscato 250ml Cans.

The Flamingo Moscato cans will bring bubbles of joy to your summer. High-quality 'frizzante' style Moscato, with all the convenience of a can. We believe every great Moscato deserves to be portable, joining you for every adventure.

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But that's not all!

As Millon continues to grow and expand rapidly over the next few years, we are excited to share our upcoming projects and new ventures with you. 

We are in the process of developing our ultra-premium range to re-define our premium selection, taking our outstanding vintages to the next level, with deep and complex flavours, putting the shine in a glass. These wines offer the finest representation of the regions fruit, delivering texture and flavour with every sip.

We also invite all wine lovers to try a new tasting experience. Coming soon, beautifully packaged gift bundles with a carefully curated selection of wines, paired with handpicked extras. Perfect for those seeking new wine or taste experiences.

We have many more ventures to be announced so say tuned!