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Tags: Wine Tasting & Etiquette

Wine is a popular drink that comes in different varieties and flavours. Correctly pouring and tasting wine can be challenging, especially for those unfamiliar with wine etiquette. It is essential to master the art of wine pouring and tasting to avoid making a fool of oneself in social settings. 

In this blog, we will discuss etiquette tips on how to pour and taste wine correctly.

How to Pour Wine Correctly

Choose the Right Wine Glass

The type of glass you use for wine is crucial in ensuring that you pour the wine correctly. Choose a glass appropriate for the kind of wine you are serving. 

For example, red wine should be poured into a glass with a larger bowl to allow for the wine to breathe. While white wine should be poured into a glass with a smaller bowl to maintain its cool temperature.

Hold the Bottle Correctly

Hold the bottle by the neck and tilt it slightly towards the glass. This allows the wine to flow smoothly into the glass without spilling. It ensures a graceful and precise pour that enhances the overall experience of savouring a glass of wine.

Pour Wine Slowly

Pouring wine slowly can result in spillage and overflow. Pour the wine slowly, allowing it to flow smoothly into the glass. A slow pour also allows the wine to aerate, which enhances the flavour and aroma.

Fill the Glass to the Right Level

Ideally, the glass should be filled to approximately one-third or halfway. This allows enough space for the wine to breathe and release its aroma. 

Overfilling the glass restricts the swirling motion and diminishes the wine's aromatic profile, while underfilling may leave the drinker wanting more.

How to Taste Wine Correctly

1. Look at the Wine's Appearance

Before tasting wine, it is essential to examine its appearance. Hold the glass up to the light and examine the colour and clarity of the wine. 

Red wines should be deep in colour, while white wines should be clear and bright.

2. Smell the Wine's Aroma

Swirl the wine in the glass to release its aroma, then sniff deeply. The diverse scents that greet your senses preview the wine's flavour profile. These olfactory clues help you predict the wine's flavour and have a better wine-tasting experience.

3. Taste the Wine

When tasting wine, take a small sip and let it swirl around your mouth. Identify the different flavours, such as sweet, sour, or bitter. Pay attention to the texture of the wine and how it feels in your mouth.

Additional Wine Etiquette Tips

Hold the Glass by the Stem

When holding a wine glass, it is essential to hold it by the stem rather than the bowl. Having the glass by the bowl can change the temperature of the wine and leave fingerprints on the glass. 

Additionally, This simple gesture embodies elegance and sophistication, enhancing the wine-drinking experience.

Ask If You’re Unfamiliar With Such Events

Be aware that servers and possibly some friends can readily detect when you don't know your wines, even though claiming to do so may make you sound clever. However, many wine servers will appreciate you more if you ask rather than make assumptions.


Correctly pouring and tasting wine is an important skill to master, especially in social settings. Following these etiquette tips ensures you pour and taste wine correctly and avoid making a fool of yourself. With these, you can confidently enjoy wine in any social setting.

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