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Pinot noir…..

The seductive wine, always tempting another pour. The wine, fragile in nature, is one of the hardest grapes to grow, due to thin-skinned grapes being prone to damage. So, let’s raise a glass to the winemakers, who carefully cultivate the wine for our consumption. I don’t know what I’d do without my favourite wine style!

International pinot day is a good excuse to open a bottle of your favourite pinot noir. Personally, I will be enjoying a glass of The Impressionist Pinot noir, relishing the berry and savoury flavours.

To add a little spin to the day, do a blind taste test. Ring a couple of friends and make it an online party game. A fun way to learn about wine and judge wine whilst eliminating biases.  Wrap the wine in brown paper bags to hide the labels, adding numbers to the bag determining the drink order. Then make a score sheet, rating the wines on their aroma, flavour and colour. Also, fun fact – don’t judge a pinot by its colour, according to experts the quality of pinot noir is determined by smell and flavour, rather than the colour of the wine (1). If you’re drinking with friends, take the time to share everyone’s opinions.

Hopefully, by the end, your taste of wine quality leads to a quality price – at least for your wallet’s sake 😉!