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New year, new you – a catchphrase that makes us all want to embrace the new year and transform ourselves into our best version. Instead of the typical resolutions like losing weight or hitting the gym, why not try something different like resolutions surrounding wine. We have created this list of new year resolutions for wine lovers to reignite their love of wine or for the newbie entering this fun and delicious world.


  1. Buy better quality wines without breaking your budget.

Say goodbye to terrible hangovers and hello to delicious sips. This resolution will diverse your wine palete and introduce you to some quality finds. Not only will this resolution curve your intake, but it will also be a sweet reward on a Friday night after that long week at work.


quality wine
  1. Try three new wine varietals

As we get older our taste palate and preferences change over time. So, delve into the deep end and try something completely new. You never know, you may discover a delicious new wine varietal that you wish you found sooner. I recommend trying a glass of Tempranillo for a spicy surprise.


wine variety
  1. Improve your wine knowledge 

As your wine knowledge develops, your ability to identify wine qualities that you dislike and like will improve. Not only is it a practical skill but it is a fun talking point to share at dinner parties and help others recognise certain nuances in their wine. I recommend trying our impressionist pack to start your wine journey. The pack includes a wine tasting game, letting you learn more about wine whilst having fun with friends.


wine knowledge
  1. Start matching your meals and wine

Food and wine are a beautiful combination, bringing out the best qualities of each other. Read our recipes and pair them with the recommended wine. Trust me your palate will thank me later.

meal and wine