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The Best Wine and Cheese Pairings You Should Definitely Try!

3 min read

wine and cheese

A traditional cheese and wine pairings, such as a glass of wine and a piece of cheese, is always a good idea. The only way to truly understand what works and doesn't in the wine and cheese pairing world is to experiment. Take notes on what you like and don't like, and figure out what types of wine and cheese pairings you enjoy.

The perfect cheese pairing is determined by the type of wine and the type of cheese you are eating. Hard, aged cheese will not pair well with a sparkling wine, for example, and neither will a soft, mild cheese pair well with a glass of red wine.

Today, let's explore a few foolproof wine and cheese pairings you should try! Here's what you need to know:

Pinot Noir and Gruyere

Gruyere is a semi-hard cheese known for its nutty and rich flavour. It is the perfect cheese for a Pinot Noir wine pairing. This cheese pairs well with a full-bodied Pinot Noir, which is high in acid and has a fruity flavour. The fruitiness and acid content of Pinot Noir will cut through the richness of the cheese so that both the wine and the cheese are balanced.

The best part about pairing Pinot Noir and Gruyere is that you can add honey to the cheese to make it even more decadent. Yes, Gruyere is amazing!

Cheddar and Cabernet Sauveignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine that pairs well with almost any cheese, but it is especially good with Cheddar cheese. Cheddar cheese is a firm cheese with a sharp and nutty flavour that pairs perfectly with the tannins of the wine.

If you want to experiment with Cabernet Sauvignon and cheese, try using a firm cheese like Cheddar and soft cheese like brie. Or, try using a hard and semi-hard cheese, such as a Parmesan and Cheddar pairing.

Champagne and Brie

Brie is a soft cheese with a buttery richness and makes a good pairing with Champagne. You can eat Brie with Champagne and have a wonderful time. If you want to experiment, try a wine aged in oak barrels to add a little extra flavour to the wine and cheese pairing. The best part about pairing Brie and Champagne is that you can drink straight from the bottle!

Riesling and Raclette

The best cheese for a Riesling wine pairing is Raclette. Raclette is a semi-hard cheese that is perfect for when you have a Riesling on hand. The cheese's nutty flavour is the perfect foil for the wine's floral aroma and fruity flavour.

The pairing works best with a wine with a little sweetness, so add a bit of sweetness to the cheese by spreading it on a piece of bread.

Sauvignon Blanc and Goat Cheese

This is a wine and cheese pairing that is great for brunch. These two will always work well together on a date or at a party.

The wine you would use for this pairing is a Sauvignon Blanc. Goat cheese is a soft, creamy cheese with a slightly acidic flavour. The flavours of the cheese and the wine are on the same level. The wine and the cheese are fruity, with a slight buttery richness, so they complement each other very well.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to wine and cheese pairings, you can try many combinations, but the best ones will be combinations of sharp and creamy or sweet and salty. Experiment with the different wine and cheese pairings you can make, and see what happens!

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