2014 Millon Estate The Royal Chardonnay

2014 Millon Estate The Royal Chardonnay


Eden Valley, South Australia


The fruit for this wine has been pressed in whole bunches and fermented before undergoing additional aging in French oak for 10 months in order to further enhance the palate and bring out the best qualities of the fruit.


Tasting Notes


A limey straw colour with vibrant gold hues


A bright nose showing a core of tightly wound grapefruit and lime, crunchy nectarine, and soft layers of cream, almond flesh and quartzy minerality.


The palate is pure and focused, somewhat flinty and with a zesty but graceful yellow citrus line. Flavours of peach are also present and there is a slight hint of lychee.

Flavour Dimensions


(Light Bodied)—1—-2—–3—–4—–5–●—-6——7——8——-9——10–(Full Bodied)

Finish (Short)—–1——2——-3——4——5——6——7——-8–●—-9——10-(Long)

Food Pairing

Light and delicate, the body and citrus fruit flavours of this Chardonnay see that it pairs exceptionally well with dishes such as Baked Crab, Steamed Prawns and Fresh Garden Pasta.

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Roberta Marchesini