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Most adults have hobbies that they pursue passionately, and some of them may have been pursuing theirs for years. One example is wine, which many adults enjoy collecting and tasting. Wine enthusiasts may spend hours researching different types of grapes and regions, learning about the history and production of wine, or visiting wineries to sample different varieties. They may also join wine clubs, attend seminars, and even create cellars to store and age their collection. 

Of course, the easiest way to enjoy wine is to drink it, which is seen as a cultured and refined activity. Pairing it with food is art because wine lovers experiment with different flavours and pairings to create the perfect combination. However, this is also tricky because most people do not know what pairings of wine and food they should try. To help you with this, here are some of our recommendations:

Cabernet Sauvignon: Juicy Red Meat

This classic red wine is full-bodied, with notes of dark fruits, cedar, and black pepper. It pairs best with red meats like steak, lamb, and pork. The bold tannins and fruit flavours help cut through the meat's richness and balance the meal. 

Champagne: Anything Salty

The light, bubbly nature of champagne makes it an excellent pairing for salty snacks like popcorn, chips, and olives. The acidity of the champagne helps balance the saltiness of the snacks, creating a delicious flavour combination. 

Chardonnay: Fish Dishes

Chardonnay is a medium-bodied white wine that pairs well with fish dishes. The buttery, oaky notes of the wine complement the delicate flavours of fish like salmon, cod, and halibut. The Chardonnay's acidity also helps cut through the richness of the fish, especially fatty fish or fish cooked in sauce. 

Dry Rosé: Cheese or Cheesy Dishes

Rosé wine is a light-bodied, dry wine that pairs well with cheese or cheesy dishes. The fruity, floral notes of the wine tend to bring out the creaminess of the cheese, while its acidity helps to cut through the dish's richness. Rosé is also an excellent pairing for dishes with a tomato-based sauce, like lasagna or macaroni and cheese. 

Grüner Veltliner: Fresh Herbs and Vegetables

Grüner Veltliner is a light-bodied white wine that pairs well with fresh herbs and vegetables. The wine's crisp acidity and herbal notes complement the flavours of the herbs and vegetables, while its light body allows the delicate flavours of the dish to shine through. Grüner Veltliner is an excellent pairing for dishes like salads, grilled vegetables, and light pasta. 

Malbec: Barbecue Sauces

Barbecue dishes, especially sauces, are strongly flavoured and have a savoury quality that pairs perfectly with Malbec. This full-bodied red wine has a deep, dark colour and intense blackberry, plum, and spice flavours. The tannins and acidity of the wine help cut through the sauce's richness and balance the dish. Malbec pairs well with barbecue ribs, brisket, and other smoky dishes. 

Pinot Grigio: Light Fish Dishes

Pinot Grigio is a light-bodied white wine with a bright, crisp acidity that pairs well with light fish dishes such as poached salmon, grilled trout, and baked tilapia. The wine's citrus and mineral notes complement the delicate flavours of the fish, while its light body allows the subtle flavours of the dish to shine through. Pinot Grigio is an ideal pairing for seafood dishes that are not heavily seasoned or sauced. 

Pinot Noir: Earthy Flavours

Pinot Noir is a light- to medium-bodied red wine with bright acidity and earthy cherry, raspberry, and mushroom flavours. The wine's light body and bright acidity make it an excellent pairing for earthy flavours such as mushrooms, truffles, and roasted root vegetables. The wine's delicate tannins and slight sweetness will help bring out the dish's earthy flavours without overpowering it. 

Rosé Champagne: Most Dinners

Dinner meals are often paired with Rosé Champagne because of its versatility. This light-bodied sparkling wine has a bright acidity and a hint of sweetness, making it the perfect accompaniment for most dishes. Its delicate fruit flavours, such as strawberry, raspberry, and peach, pair well with light appetisers, salads, and seafood. The lightweight body and vibrant acidity make it an ideal choice for pairing with heavier dishes such as pork, lamb, and beef. 

Sauvignon Blanc: Tart Dressings and Sauces

Sauvignon Blanc is a medium-bodied white wine with a bright acidity and grassy, citrusy, and herbal flavours. Its crisp acidity and slight sweetness make it an excellent pairing for tart dressings and sauces. Its herbal notes will add depth to the dressing or sauce without overpowering it, while its bright acidity will help cut through the dish's rich flavours. 


Wine is a highly versatile drink, and pairing it with food is a matter of your preference. Because of this, experimenting with different combinations will help you discover the perfect pairing for your meal. This way, maybe you can create your signature dish!

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